A Love Letter To Lady Dynamite

Another day, another mental health diagnosis. Here’s a list of the brands I’ve racked up so far (like many fellow crazies, I feel a perverse sense of pride in these): Panic disorder Major depressive disorder Generalised anxiety disorder Avoidant personality disorder (which isn’t even a THING!) Social anxiety disorder And now, bipolar 2. Which, quite […]

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Why I Work For Charities

When you break out the pros and cons list, working for the not-for-profit sector doesn’t look like the wisest career move. You can expect lower pay than both the private and public sector, and if you’re one of the 70% or so of women in the sector, you’re likely to be on significantly lower pay than men doing the […]

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PMS Is A Myth

Everyone, everywhere, knows that once a month, women become unbearable beasts. We rant, we rave, we cry, we sulk, and we rage. One minute, we’re happy in the wolf pack, and the next, we’re a fully blown werewolf. We have PMS. But if you look for actual evidence of PMS, it’s just not there.  In 2012, […]

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Reflections On My Redundancy

I’m sitting inside the tiny office by myself, waiting to hear my fate. The manager, someone I chirrup hello to each day, greets me sheepishly, and eases into his chair. He confers quickly with the HR lady sotto voice, to find out if he is delivering me bad news, or good. Although we have known […]

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